12 06/2019

Principle of Least Privilege

Today, an organization has hundreds of employees and each one has their own credentials, an user and a password to access the system and perform their tasks. Some more and [...]

6 06/2019

Cybersecurity Glossary

The problems and aspects of cybersecurity - the set of means and technologies that aim to protect programs, computers, networks, and data against unlawful damage and invasion - arise [...]

14 05/2019

Zero Trust and Privileged Access Management

In order to keep the network and their infrastructure secure, many companies are making efforts to create security perimeters that will ensure unintended external accesses are not performed. At times, [...]

6 07/2017

Cofre Físico ou Virtual Appliance, qual é melhor?

Para quem deseja implantar um cofre de senhas, escolher entre um Appliance Físico ou Virtual é sempre um ponto de questionamento. Sendo assim, abordamos aqui os benefícios de uma solução [...]

22 05/2017

WannaCry – The Highlighted Ransomware

A news which dominated jornals, where they talked about an attack in many countries, involving a virus who “stole data” and charged U$300 in bitcoins for ransom. According to the [...]